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Oil, gas sites abandoned in B.C. 'like walking in a ghost town': survey

An environmental group is raising concerns about pipes, wellheads, pumpjacks and even entire buildings left abandoned in the British Columbia backcountry from oil and gas developments. "We found that...
Photo of grizzly bear by Sophie Wright

Grizzly bear population at risk as B.C. Liberal government aligns with trophy hunters

Dressed in a black cowboy hat, B.C. Premier Christy Clark beams at the camera as she accepts the President's Award from the Guide Outfitters Association of B.C. The year is 2012, and the outfitters...

Bike lanes build the path to a more sustainable, livable Vancouver

I recently wrote a blog extolling the virtues of active transportation improvements to municipalities like Vancouver. In light of Vancouver city council's approval of the Point Grey-...

Pink salmon: a tasty, cheap and sustainable choice

“Wild salmon are a critical part of ocean, river, lake, and forest ecosystems. They provide food for everything from whales to eagles to bears and even help fertilize the forests along the shores,...

Vancouver Board of Change panel on women and business

What impact do women have in making businesses more successful and sustainable? This will be the question asked at a Vancouver Board of Change panel called Women & Leadership in the New Economy...

Canadians don't know if Prime Minister Harper's beholden to foreign organizations: Hon. James S. Cowan

On April 5, Hon. James S. Cowan responded in the Senate debate to Tory senators' hyperbolic attack on environmental groups and brought up the issue of the Koch brothers' contribution to the...

"Why polar bears and not elephants?" and more from Canada's hyperbolic Tory senators

With Senate debates set to continue this week investigating foreign funding of charities, here’s a look at some of the whacky arguments made so far.

David Suzuki forced to resign from board of foundation by "vicious" media attacks

The famed activist says he stepped down due to media and political attacks threatening the foundation bearing his name. But staff say it’s not a ‘divorce’—he’ll continue to work as a volunteer.

Inquiry into anti-oilsands charities lacks transparency: Conservative senator

Why scrutinize environmental charities and oilsands opponents, when there's no proof of wrongdoing? asks Senator Nancy Ruth.

Green living and sustainability: how to clean and recycle

What's better for recycling, milk in plastic milk jugs or waxed cartons? The David Suzuki Foundation's Lindsey Coulter responds to common questions from eco-minded citizens.