Dances for a Small Stage

Peter Chu, Dances for a Small Stage; Photo by: Levi Walker

Dances for a Small Stage brings together another varied line-up of contemporary choreography

Happy hearts (and stomachs) abound at the special Valentine’s edition of Dances for a Small Stage 30 at the Ukrainian Centre on Main Street.

PuSh Festival kicks off Tuesday, bringing edgy dance, music and art to Vancouver

PuSh Festival brings together a celebration of dance, music, theatre and multimedia arts from Canada and around the world.

Dances for a Small Stage takes on Pickton trial and Vancouver riots

"We’re living in a complacent time where we don’t take action as Canadians," artistic producer, Julie-Anne Saroyan, said.

Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg showcases a macabre Victorian at Dances for a Small Stage

Death becomes her. At Dances for a Small Stage, host Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg performs a piece inspired by a 17 acre cemetery.