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Embattled ‘Community’ returns tonight for Harmon-less premiere

Tonight is October 19th. That’s when Community was originally set to return, so while the rest of us are living in February, the Greendale Seven will be preparing for Halloween. Weird, yes. Silly,...

Community triple-shot: Harmon and Chase's behind-the-scenes drama appears to be cooling off

Part two: Community’s behind-the-scenes drama appears to be cooling off.

A Community triple-shot in the wake of the season’s most anticipated (and best) episode

Just in: NBC will air all three final episodes of Community’s third season back-to-back on May 17.

Community hopes to maintain strong numbers after an abrupt hiatus

Community continues its return from hiatus tonight and all eyes will be on the ratings to see if this quirky little show can sustain its numbers from last week. In case you are unfamiliar with the...