Straw poll shows divided support for $480 million Metro Van garbage incinerator

What some politicians are really saying (and not saying) behind the scenes at Metro Vancouver, as bureaucrats continue to push forward with plans for a new garbage incinerator.

Display raises funds for children charity: Vickie's Haunted House

A ghoulish haunted house display raises funds for children's charity in Coquitlam

Shelter dogs are good dogs. Come meet some downtown this weekend.

Why is it that dogs from the shelter get a bad reputation? Often abused or neglected, shelter dogs are treated as dogs with behavioral problems, even though most of them ended up in shelters through...

Your trash is someone else’s treasure

All municipalities, except Delta and Port Moody have stopped their Spring Cleaning programs to create new environmental initiatives for the responsible disposal of large appliances, furniture, and...

Next to Pickton pig farm, life goes on and land values rise

The Pickton pig farm abuts a picturesque townhouse development in Port Coquitlam. Twenty-seven kilometers east of Vancouver, here is where the farmer was said to have slaughtered his female victims,...