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Tzeporah Berman gives pointers to young would-be environmental activists

At the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference, activist Tzeporah Berman met with a downcast Canadian Youth Delegation. Harper’s government had punched far above its weight to ensure a meaningless...

Let's make Vancouver the Bike Capital of the world

The main setback that bicycle commuters in Vancouver face is the lack of well-maintained and safe roads. Most bike routes in the city are just wider roads that are designed to accomodate both cars...

Mayor Robertson's Copenhagen Tweets Paint Picture of Missing National Leadership: At the Canadian Table, No One Was Home

On December 15, Mayor Gregor Robertson had just attended the Copenhagen 15 opening plenary session. "Nobody's at the Canada table," he wrote in a Tweet. "Tragic."

Assessing the United Nations COP15 Copenhagen Climate Change Talks

Millions of people worldwide rooted for the success of the 2009 U.N. Climate Change talks in Copehagen (COP15), which ended yesterday. Did the forum finish with a fizzle? Did anything positive come...

Citizens of the World Push Leaders to Action On Climate Change

Today, I received an email with news of a global petition addressed to all the world's leaders in Copenhagen, which calls for strong action to curb human induced climate change. I am inspired that...

David Suzuki: Copenhagen Climate Change Talks and What We Really Need

David Suzuki speaks passionately and convincingly about the two fundamental and fixable problems hampering progress in Copenhagen. Watch him in a live interview today with CBC.

His Opposition Follows Gordon Campbell in Copenhagen, Demanding He Raise Canada's Profile on Climate Change

In Copenhagen, Gordon Brown seeks distance from Ottawa, Opposition Rob Fleming states Campbell isn't saying enough.

Canada Falling Dangerously Behind US Efforts

The US needs to do much more, but by contrast Canada is not even trying. And this should be a real worry for all Canadians. I’ve been circulating this report contrasting Canadian and US federal...

Out in the Cold for Climate Change: UBC Professor Hopes for "Real Deal" in Copenhagen

Climate change is all about thinking globally, and acting every place you can – and that’s why I organized a rally at UBC for meaningful climate change discussions in Copenhagen.  George Monbiot...

Suzuki’s ‘Legacy Lecture’ Far From His Last

David Suzuki's Legacy Lecture proposes that economics is a figment of the human imagination, and must not be elevated above the biosphere.