Community Supported Agriculture

Support local farmers this year by joining a CSA

Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) offers a delicious way to participate in the local food economy.

Hastings Urban Farm offers food security and connection to land

Rows of lush kale, beets and lettuce are a-sprouting on a Downtown Eastside lot, where the Portland Hotel Society is growing a new food garden and tackling food insecurity raised by a recent UN visit.

Project Orange Thumb builds Vancouver community garden in one day

Vancouver's newest community garden in Grandview-Woodland gets off the ground with help from Project Orange Thumb.

How does one man with a few backyards make such a difference?

It is out of curiosity and, I have to admit, a twinge of jealousy, that I find myself routinely walking past one particular house in my East Vancouver neighborhood.  It is set on a corner lot,...