Dinosaurs loose again in 'Jurassic World.' Alternative: Real stories in The Best of Hot Docs

If dinos don't do it for you, the annual tour of some gems from Toronto’s Hot Docs Festival is here until Tuesday at the VanCity Theatre.

Rhonda Fields stands up to threats and name-calling in the gun control debate

Rep Rhonda Fields has been getting attacked politically over her distant past. She is also being called stupid. Here are three recent cases to explain why this name-calling is a mistake.

Colorado couple recounts fight for rights of transgender daughter

When Coy Mathis was five, she informed her parents that she was a girl. This may seem like a pointless statement and obvious fact, except for one small matter: Coy is biologically male. Born a boy,...

Inspiring cycling in Vancouver and the Tour de France

During the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, Canadians showed an unprecedented amount of national pride and enthusiasm for competitive sports. With the City of Vancouver currently focusing on making...

No Rebound...Yet

Hot goaltender and some frenetic defensive play still led to a 3-0 loss.