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Satire: CNN’s JFK coverage provides a lesson for the CBC

Late last week, a ridiculous bombshell dropped in the news. John Kerry announced that he has “doubts” that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Finally, an American who is willing to stand up and declare “...

CNN's misinformed report on Chinese drinkers sparks 350,000 Weibo responses: The SinoFile

Hey CNN, China's actually not the world's second most drink-loving nation.

A logic lesson from the gun debate

A couple of days ago, I was walking my dog when a good friend of mine texted me that he had just seen a story on CNN about professor James Tracy and his theory that the Sandy Hook massacre never...

Toronto singer Christopher Stopa discovered by CNN through Radiohead Youtube mix-up

Serendipitous Youtube Radiohead mix-up leads to a long deserved discovery of one of Canada's best-kept secrets: baker Christopher Stopa's music is amazing. As amazing as Radiohead's.

The Internet Explorer hoax: Who are you calling stupid?

The Internet Explorer 6 hoax shows who the dumb ones really are.

CNN calls Vancouver "Loser City"

Ouch. And just yesterday, we were the most livable city. Here's the best from a bad day for Brand Vancouver.

Fired for tweets: cautionary tales

  Twitter can connect you to the world. But 140 characters can also result in  loss of face, or job for the irresponsible tweeter. Case in point, New York Democrat Anthony Weiner'...

Backlash brews over use of horse meat in 'Top Chef Canada' episode

The reality TV show ``Top Chef Canada'' came under fire Monday over an episode in which contestants were asked to prepare a dish using horse meat. By late afternoon, over 3,600 people had joined a...

The gulf between us

A death down south. Denial up north. What a fisherman's despair says to us about oil.