Climate Change

PowerUp Canada's Vlog Wrap up of a Disappointing Copenhagen Accord

Did our government truly represent us in Copenhagen?

Citizens of the World Push Leaders to Action On Climate Change

Today, I received an email with news of a global petition addressed to all the world's leaders in Copenhagen, which calls for strong action to curb human induced climate change. I am inspired that...

David Suzuki: Copenhagen Climate Change Talks and What We Really Need

David Suzuki speaks passionately and convincingly about the two fundamental and fixable problems hampering progress in Copenhagen. Watch him in a live interview today with CBC.

Suzuki’s ‘Legacy Lecture’ Far From His Last

David Suzuki's Legacy Lecture proposes that economics is a figment of the human imagination, and must not be elevated above the biosphere.

Copenhagen Climate Change Conference: 'Fourteen Days to Seal History's Judgment on This Generation'

This editorial calling for action from world leaders on climate change is being published today by 56 newspapers around the world in 20 languages. Today and tomorrow, 56 newspapers in 45 countries tak

Al Gore Picks Up Where He Left Off With "Our Choice"

In this much talked about new book, Al Gore (co-recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 and former US Vice Prez) illuminates the known solutions to the climate crisis and describes a...

Anita Burke "It is too easy to blame the corporations and the media."

The Resilient Cities Conference brought together big names from all sectors to discuss sustainability imperatives. Anita M. Burke, former advisor to Shell International and founder of the Catalyst...

For Bridge to a Cool Planet, Ten Thousand Cross Cambie Street Bridge; Biggest Demonstration in Vancouver Since 2003 Peace March

Thousands of supporters gathered on the Cambie Street Bridge to rally for Climate Change at the wildly successful Bridge to a Cool Planet event this past Saturday. Oxfam Canada represetative, Scott...

Linda's List: This is One Hot, Happening City and Here's My List of What You Just Shouldn't Miss This Saturday

Did I hear that right?  Yes.  They're closing the Cambie Street Bridge at 10:30 a.m. today. Thta's the kick-off to Bridge to a Cool Planet.   Today is Global Day of Climate Action....

Inside the Resilient People + Climate Change Conference

How do we tell the collective story around climate change? How might a better-designed collective story help individuals and organizations do their work more effectively, while encouraging greater...