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civil liberties

Vancouver cops mum on use of covert cell phone surveillance technology

Vancouver police are refusing to disclose any possible use of controversial mass-surveillance device widely adopted in US - and vigorously condemned by rights groups.

What Canadians need to know about CSEC spying

CSEC spying on Canadian Internet users a violation of how their private online information is handled

Civil liberties, pro-democracy, privacy rights, and open Internet groups call for answers on secret government spying program

Broad range of civil liberties and pro-privacy groups demand answers from Canada's government after spying revelations.

Quebec student protests find support in Vancouver at rain soaked rally

A group of activists rallied in the rain to support Quebec protesters marking 100 days of student protest.

Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms more critical than ever

Canada celebrates our constitution's Pearl Anniversary today. But let us not honour it idly: the stakes are simply too high.

Conservatives' most wanted 'war criminals' list stymies government efforts

Conservative plans to catch and deport alleged 'war criminals' in Canada have backfired as the untried suspects may be blocked from leaving at all.

Olympic Shaming 2.0

  When we criticize the city or the Olympics for certain inanities (curtailing of civil liberties, washing away 'graffiti' because city officials don't know what art is, or using military-grade...

Pesky Canadian Law Daunts International Olympic Committee's Efforts to Protect Brand From Dope-Fiend Athletes

Warning: This story contains a merry Olympic Christmas carol at the end for our friends in Brazil.

Pesky Canadian Law Daunts International Olympic Committee's Efforts to Protect Brand From Dope-Fiend Athletes

Once again, pesky Canadian law is in the way of the Olympic spirit shining as brightly as it must in Vancouver this February, but thanks to IOC, something is being done about it. In the tome that is...

LRAD, Police Accountability, and Vancouver Magazine's Power Broker List: The David Eby Story Continues

David Eby folded his extraordinarily long legs under a small table and took a sip of coffee. "The Paul Boyd story is going to disappear like so many other stories and that's outrageous," the...