Cavalia's Odysseo final scene with dressage horse on the edge of a lake

Cavalia canters into town with a stunning theatrical display of acrobatic and equestrian arts

Cavalia’s Odysseo mixes the equestrian arts with acrobatics, theatrical effects, and live music with spectacular results.

Circus in Wonderland

Silk, Trapeze, three blind mice, Alice in Wonderland and many many more eye candy

Fabulous events to kick off December in Vancouver, BC

Food, film, fashion - and more fabulous events this week-end picked for you by the Bees!

Weekend movie reviews

Disney finds the cute and downplays the harsh in the new wildlife documentary African Cats. (read more)

KOOZA, a sweet treat from Cirque du Soleil

The crowd participated from start to finish, and the buzz afterwards was electric. It was a great show and the performances were outstanding. It was good to see something so pure and simple hold its o