VIFF picks: Fun with the Italian Mafia, tension with Ben the addict and what’s with this piece by Banksy?

Also some rule-breaking flamenco and two war stories from the Balkans, one by a Vancouverite.

The joy of giving

Science is now providing the evidence for what we have long held to be true: that it is better to give than to receive.

Secret decorator mulls seasonal surprise as minister seeks wreathed lion return

Mauro Azzano secretly hung wreaths and bows around the necks of the huge stone lions at the south end of the Lions Gate Bridge.
From left to right: soprano Teresa Wakim, mezzosoprano Kristina Szabo, Music Dir
Grinches Make Off With Christmas Gifts

Grinches make off with Christmas gifts

Two Grinches have made off with a woman’s Christmas gifts following a morning robbery.

Enjoy Heritage Christmas at Burnaby Village Museum with these ten things to see and do

Father Christmas, festive lights, great entertainers, carousel rides. Cookies and hot chocolate. Enjoy it all at Burnaby Museum. And have a Heritage Christmas!