Occupy movement grappling with "new phase of life"

"Organic" global movement will keep fighting inequality, gets busy debating how.

Occupy protesters without a home, for now

The tents are on hiatus, but the debate goes on.

Book review: Feminism For Real

This year's must-read is Feminism for Real: Deconstructing the Academic Industrial Copy of Feminism, edited by Jessica Yee, founder of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network.

2011 predictions

As we round out another decade, thoughts turn to the future. The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ Hugh Mackenzie, Shauna Mackinnon, Bruce Campbell, Trish Hennessy, Jim Stanford and Armine...

Canadian CEO pay: recession-proof, CCPA finds

A new study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) Research Associate Hugh Mackenzie shows Canada's best paid 100 CEOs appear to be recession-proof. The study looks at 2009...

To advance aboriginal education, first develop understanding among teachers

Professor says good initiatives are underway, but progress depends on teacher education

In consideration of a reporter's tool kit

Before I hit the road for Uculet this afternoon, I facilitated a writing seminar for twenty  fellows from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. I thought it might be an interesting...