Canadian Citizenship

Harper with York police

Harper announces increased CSIS powers to combat terrorism

Canada will expand spying powers, criminalize terrorism "promotion" and increase the use of "classified information" to punish non-citizens as part of sweeping changes to improve security, Prime...
Left: war veteran daughter Jackie Scott. Right: Donovan McGlaughlin

Critic slams Canada's "shameful" citizenship policy

Citizenship advocate Don Chapman criticized Canada's Citizenship and Immigration as "shameful" yesterday for its rejections of citizenship applications from legitimate Canadians despite repeatedly...

On Remembrance Day, Chinese Canadians recall struggle for citizenship and equality

Chinese Canadians played an important part in both world wars, and their war efforts won them citizenship. But many Canadians have never heard their story.

Citizenship Minister Kenney: war dead were Canadian, but not citizens

Minister reiterates that soldiers who died weren't citizens because Canadian citizenship itself did not exist prior to 1947.
Jason Kenney, Jackie Scott, Lost Canadians, Citizenship and immigration Canada

Harper government criticized for lack of understanding of citizenship laws

If no Canadians existed before 1947, what is one to make of the deportation of Japanese Canadian "citizens" during the war, or of government PR around "Canadian soldiers"?

Lost Canadians angered by ongoing age discrimination and gender injustice

Ian Munroe couldn't figure it out. Why wasn't he a Canadian?  "Lost Canadian," is a title referring to potentially tens of thousands of Canadians who, by a continuing set of obscure Canadian...

Seven years in waiting: Canadian immigrants hoping to reunite with relatives sooner

Families talk of suffering as they wait for reunification.

Thank you, Canada

I left New York City nearly 10 years ago for Canada after the September 11 attacks on New York City. Today, I'm looking back.

Lost Canadian Velma Demerson's tragic story of love and loss

Lost Canadian Velma Demerson’s days of looking over her shoulder ended in 2004 when she was returned her Canadian citizenship after more than six decades of being a pariah. More than six years on,...