The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Search for trans-sensitive and competent health care often frustrating, hurtful

TORONTO — Canada's health-care system may be built on the premise of equal access for all, but the transgender community says the provision of services for those who don't conform to traditional...

Canada’s new drug laws deliver a blow to dispensary operators

Lawyer Kirk Tousaw represents many medical cannabis dispensaries. Last week, he spoke to an audience in downtown Vancouver, outlining his concerns about recently revised Canadian drug policy.

30th anniversary of the Charter, but Lost Canadians can't celebrate

Today is the 30th anniversary of the Charter, the fourth anniversary of the unanimous passage of Bill C-37, and the third anniversary of C-37’s effective date.  What is Bill C-37? It’s better...

Lost Canadians sue government over discriminatory citizenship

The billion-dollar Lost Canadian court case is finally underway. Activist Don Chapman condemns the Conservative government for denying citizenship based on age and gender.

LOST CANADIANS: The political timeline

1867: Canada is born, a child of the British North America Act. 1868: Canadians gain their first identity as British subjects but Canadian "nationals” under the Canadian Nationals Act. In language...