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Canada Post

Illegal venomous snakes found in mail Canada Post distribution centre in B.C.

Three mountain pit vipers were inside a package destined for Manitoba.
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NDP government would end phase-out of door-to-door mail delivery

OTTAWA — Canada Post's plan to end home mail delivery would become a dead letter if the NDP were to win the federal election this fall. The post office is in the second year of a controversial five-...

Postal workers fight back

Postal workers aren't backing down without a fight. In response to Harper's back-to-work legislation, the union is planning legal recourse.

Postal workers return to chilly climate

Postal workers leave the pickets and resume work today. While Canada Post said employees are happy to back, the union has been singing a different tune. "Our members are going back and they're...

Canada Post gets back to work

Eager snail mail awaiters can expect to start seeing Post Canada trucks parked in front of their yards as early as tomorrow. It's back to work for Canada Post. The mailboxes are to be unsealed today...

Postal workers request public support: Canadian Union of Public Employees

The Official Opposition NDP is conducting a filibuster in the House of Commons to defend free collective bargaining and to oppose back-to-work legislation (Bill C-6) aimed at the Canadian Union of...

HST referendum package distribution on hold until Canada Post strike ends

Elections BC has budgeted $12 million for the vote, which could end up being more or less expensive depending on how many ballots are returned, an official there tells VO.

Highly educated female immigrants say Canada isn't on their side

Jayashree Shrivastava, a 38-year-old environmental scientist from India, says if she could start over, she'd go south of the border. “I'm telliing people from India who want to immigrate to try the U...

Canucks loss deteriorates into mayhem

The stench of urine, feces, smoke and alcohol wafted in the air in front of CBC. Youth stood on building roofs, screaming "F-ck the Bruins!" Kids -- probably teenagers -- smashed windows of the...

Canada Post suspends operations nationwide

OTTAWA -Canada Post suspends operations across the country after 12 days of rotating strikes. The Crown Corporation blames declines in mail volumes and revenue.