What the Stanley Cup means to Vancouver

With the Canucks one win away from the Stanley Cup, I try to explain that a championship would mean a deliverance from the heartbreak of history for Vancouver.

Boston broadcasters trash talking the Canucks

Sports Extra news on Boston TV discussing upcoming game. Luongo called insecure and the team quitters by sports broadcasters. Lots of trash talking by local sports experts.

Canucks fan goes to TD Garden for Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals

"How'd you like the taste of that Boston clam chowder, buddy?" The Bruins had just defeated the Canucks and Eaton was wearing his Canucks shirt---proudly. It was Game 4 on Bruins' home turf. ...

Vancouver preps for game five in Stanley Cup Final

Tonight's Stanley Cup Game 5 crowds in the streets of Vancouver are expected to be the biggest yet. In anticipation of the Canucks-Bruins show down, Georgia Street will be closing at noon. Three...

Four reasons the Canucks will bounce back to win Game 4

After an 8-1 thumping Monday night, the party around Vancouver feels like it's been crashed. Here are four reasons why the Canucks are still in good shape heading into game 4.

Canucks massacred by Bruins in Game 3 of Stanley Cup finals

The Boston Bruins came back with a vengeance against the Canucks in game three of the Stanley Cup playoffs, wiping out the Vancouver team in a resounding 8-1 win.  Although the Canucks seemed to...

Canucks win in overtime nail-biter against Bruins

After another tight game against Boston, the Canucks managed to edge past the Bruins to take a 2-0 lead in the Stanley Cup finals. Fans nervously watched on the edge of their seats as Boston...