URBAN GARDENING: Condo living no barrier to being a city farmer

In an expensive city like Vancouver, many gardeners commute to their plots. Here are tips for gardening by bike and bus.

#WhatsTheLink: TransLink helps you bike to work and

Do you commute to downtown Vancouver by bike? Think you get to work or school faster on two wheels than by car or transit? Well, there’s a good chance you’re right. That belief was reinforced to me...

Top Vancouver Events April 25 - May 1: bike kickoff, art competition and more

From filmmaking to free markets to music fundraisers, there's plenty to see and do in Vancouver this week.

City: More bikers means fewer accidents

“Biking here isn’t safe. Four friends of mine have been killed biking in Vancouver.”  A friend responded emphatically to a piece in which I stated that bike lanes are an important step toward...

Bringing cyclists out of the business blind spot

I don’t get angry at motorists anymore. My daily bike commute used to include road rage conflicts with drivers who cut me off, honked incessantly or drove-by too closely. Things could escalate into...

A bike-commuting mom speaks out for bike lanes

Put away the bike lane counters. This decision is about the future of our city. I had a 7:30am dentist appointment today. I chipped my tooth and it was the only time I could fit in the chisel. I...

Have a crazy sustainable commute this August 27th

New sustainability campaign challenges you to find fun, creative and sustainable ways to get to work without using your car.

The Real Deal: Experience, Passion, City Councillor Heather Deal

Heather Deal bursts into Kitsilano Coffee on Fourth wearing an Obama for President T-shirt. She has slipped away from the David Suzuki Foundation, a few blocks to the west, where she works part time...