Super-realistic The Lion King, real acting from Awkwafina and Eisenberg’s Self-Defense target

Also why our housing crisis is not unique, why English democracy protesters were attacked 200 years ago and moral decline in Argentina just before a coup

Where to see Beyoncé's Formation tour in Canada

Formation. Coming to a Canadian city near you.

Beyoncé did what at President Obama's inauguration? Gasp.

Holy Beyoncé. Take a deep breath, or take a minute to let out the most unattractive private scream (with snot and tears fighting for the largest piece of your face). This is for the one per cent who...

Beyoncé: feminist or fauxminist?

Beyonce, for all the girl-power affirmations, reinforces old patriarchal standards by sexing up her image for the male audience (see above).

Beyonce: She's earned her baby time

Career? Check. Famous hubby? Check. Insanely rich? Check. Must be time to relax and start a family.

Lady Gaga in drag, Beyoncé's baby bump: a Video Music Awards to remember

What a momentous evening at the VMA's last night. If it wasn't Lady Gaga's drag look, then it was Beyoncé's baby bump revealed post-performance that shocked audiences. Dressed as her male alter ego,...