B.C. skiing

Snowboarder in the Blackcomb Halfpipe, WSSF 2017

World Ski and Snowboard Festival 2017: Spring is surprisingly snowy

WSSF2017 celebrates mountain culture in a town beset by economic and environmental change.

Eastern Canadian ski resorts wait for the white stuff as it piles up out west

Heavy snowfall is being welcomed at Mount Washington on Vancouver Island, which was forced to close early the past two seasons due to lack of snow.

B.C. ski operators optimistic after unusually early snowfalls on many mountains

VANCOUVER — Winter is arriving on hills around British Columbia, raising hopes for ski operators worried about predictions of another warm, wet and green season. Nearly 30 centimetres of snow has...

Coastal ski hills anxiously watch the weather as El Nino approaches

Incoming El Nino weather system will mean warmer coastal temperatures, but opinions vary about what that means for snowfall on coastal B.C.'s favourite ski resorts.

Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival 2014: Epic photos of big air

Going big up at Whistler for the 2014 WSSF.

Exciting VO contests and giveaways

Can a quick survey qualify you to win a Whistler ski trip, an evening of theatre or a case of wine? Yes, it can.