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BC Rail

BC Christy, Oh Suzanne, and a Streetcar Named Delusional

I’ve been away from posting for a while, tending to my head and the staph infection I contracted in hospital or as I call it “the city of germs”.   Plus the hospital was in Toronto so I...

Man who bribed Liberal aide in BC Rail scandal to practise law in Ontario

Erik Bornmann ruled acceptable after Law Society of Upper Canada holds three days of hearings into his case.

Gordon Campbell lives on in the 'new' NPA

If you thought the NPA’s reputation as a Gordon Campbell farm team ended when the BC Liberals quietly shuffled Campbell off to Harperland, you thought wrong. In fact, it seems to be just the opposite.

A crazy week in BC politics

Another week in BC politics brings fresh hell for the BC Liberals...

Why the BC Rail deal sucks. And why you should care.

It was the beginning of the end when the Basi Virk lawyers won the right to ask Martyn Brown about Kelly Reichart and Kevin deBruyckere. It was bad news for the prosecution and worse news for former

Gary Collins, we hardly knew ye

Up next at the BC Rail trial, former minister and current lobbyist Gary Collins?

What I learned at the BC Rail corruption trial last week

Not much except… * “I don’t recall” is a government talking point. * ‘The less you do, the higher the pay’ = BC Liberal exec compensation policy. * The management of a defunct railway needs to...

Gordon Campbell dug deeper into his political grave with disingenuous HST apology

The Premier's segment on the CBC digs the Liberals into a deeper hole, his re-election intentions pushing even diehard Liberal voters across the aisle.

Shout out for BC Mary and other coverage of the BC Rail trial

On May 18, 2010, the BC Rail corruption trial finally began, over six years after police raided the BC Legislature for government corruption in December 28, 2003. Unsurprisingly, this trial has been...