BC mining

B.C. mines inspector makes 19 recommendations over collapse of tailings pond

Mount Polley report recommends that mines employ designated mine-safety managers and staff to oversee tailings management.

Mayor calls Mount Polley permit early Christmas present for Cariboo miners

Permit approved Monday for central B.C.'s Mount Polley mine means more than 200 people currently employed by mine can keep working
Premier announces additional funding for B.C. mining

Premier announces additional funding for B.C. mine safety and permit process

"we have a significant opportunity to create thousands of jobs by opening new mines and expanding existing ones," says Clark.

Klabona Keepers head to court over Imperial Metals mine blockade

The ‘Klabona Keepers,’ a group of Tahltan elders and families who occupy traditional lands near Iskut, BC, will arrive in court today  to hear Imperial Metals Corporation's injunction request,...