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British Columbia Teachers Federation loses court case

The provincial Court of Apeal ruled in favour of the government on Thursday, overturning Justice Susan Griffin’s previous rulings that the government failed to consult in good faith with the  BC...

Henderson Annex iPad podcast examines multicultural roots

For the past four months, Grade 4 and 5 students from Henderson Annex have been producing a podcast project aimed at exploring their diversity and answering the question of “how did we get here?”

BC teacher continues to challenge prevailing ideas about public education

Kids are failing, right? Parents are angry, right? The government is to blame, right? Not so fast, says BC teacher Tulani Ackerman after her one-woman public consultation last summer.

Falcon's merit pay unlikely to produce better teachers

Research on human motivation shows extrinsic rewards, such as money in the proposed merit pay system, often backfire.

Education Minister Margaret MacDiarmid: she's baaaaack

Margaret MacDiarmid is back as Minister of Education after George Abbott steps forward to run for the Liberal leadership.

Is education news coverage skewing perceptions of public schools?

How can we have a useful debate on the merits of public versus private schools when skewed perceptions are being disseminated by the media?

Public education needs greater support from province, groups say

Two public pleas underline the growing demand for a halt to provincial underfunding of our K-12 public education system. They are: a recent letter to the The Vancouver Sun from Eric Yung,...

BCTF finds lack of substance in Campbell's education announcements

Premier Gordon Campbell's much-anticipated announcements around education in his televised address to British Columbians on Wednesday has left teachers cold. "The Premier’s address lacked depth...

Teachers have questions, but does B.C.'s new education minister have answers?

Vancouver teachers: expect a lot of 'I'll get back to you on thats' after Wednesday's televised address by the premier, which is likely to announce significant changes to education. That's because,...

Full day kindergarten: It's about equality

Why could the impact of full day kindergarten be so significant - not just for young children but as an investment in the future economic well-being of our province?