BC Coal exports

Northern coal project gets B.C. government approval

VICTORIA — A Chinese-owned mine in northeastern British Columbia has passed another hurdle towards opening its controversial coal project. British Columbia's government has granted an environmental...

BC coal report card: 2012 saw record climate failures

BC is failing spectacularly on the most critical climate task facing humanity.

Citizens outraged over lack of public consultation on coal export expansions

A large delegation of concerned citizens and activists rallied in front of the offices of the Vancouver Port Authority today to express dissent over plans to expand coal exports from the Fraser...

Who counts the emissions when you export them?

According to a report released last week by the Sightline Institute, the Pacific Northwest is poised to become a major global carbon export hub for coal, tar sands oil and natural gas.

Port Metro Vancouver criticized for "inadequate" response to challenges over coal export proposals

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority's response yesterday to the open letter from climate scientists and others delivered on November 27 got a scathing response from climate advocates, who called the...