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BC Carbon Tax

B.C. climate report says hike carbon tax, extend reduction targets to 2050

Climate leadership team concluded the province will fail to meet its 2020 targets and recommends focusing emission-reduction targets for 2030 and 2050.
Climate Cartoons - The Future Looks Awesome!

The future looks awesome in Climate Cartoons

Climate Cartoons tells the story of how awesome the future can be if we accept our renewable energy destiny now, in a fun animated format!
BC has cut fossil fuel use and maintained a strong economy

Canadians are ready for carbon pricing, politicians not so much: experts

Politicians remember all too well the lambasting Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion took in 2008 when he proposed a carbon price. But evidence shows that times have changed, and so has Canada.

One simple chart explains climate failure from Kyoto to Warsaw

After 18 years of total failure to slow the climate crisis the world's nations head to pro-coal Poland for round 19…

BC's acclaimed carbon tax makes final climb, but critics warn of trouble ahead

The benefits of BC's carbon tax start bearing fruit but can the province remain a leader in combatting climate change?

Metro Vancouver has dirtier transportation than France

Densely populated Metro Vancouver has dirtier transportation than France. More than density is at play in Canadian high-carbon transportation.

England's "expensive gas" saves money

The British, French and Germans tax their gasoline 80 cents more per litre than we do. Are they crazy?

The high cost of BC’s cheap gas

British gas costs $2.13 per liter. Yet British Columbians fork out twice as much to buy gas every year. What’s up with that?

BC green economy creates more jobs than oil sands

Readers of our recent “Big Grab” series on the oil sands might have noticed an interesting pair of statistics concerning jobs in Canada...

BC coal destabilizes our climate more than 126 nations

Nations as diverse as Sweden, Ireland, Morocco, Bangladesh, and Peru emit less climate pollution than BC coal. In fact, 54 nations…