The Case for and against David Stern

In honour of the continuing NBA lockout, we give you a quick assessment of the divisive, all powerful NBA commish, David Stern. Against goes first...cause its David Stern. NOLAN: AGAINST With the NBA...

More VIFF picks: films to see Monday and Tuesday

A young boy from Africa is on the run from police in Le Havre, the French port city and this charming film playing at VIFF.

JUNO Awards launches JUNO Hoops

JUNO winners, nominees, and music personalities compete for inaugural JUNO Hoops Trophy at Ryerson University as part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations.

BC poverty rates and poor basketball skills: what's the connection?

Did you know that BC has the highest rate of poverty and the highest rate of child poverty in Canada? Yet unlike 6 other Canadian provinces, BC has no poverty reduction plan. That’s why about 300...

UBC women's basketball games are more thrilling than men's

Lying on my back in a loft in Colorado last Christmas, I was in a foul mood. Across from me, my younger cousins were playing a card game. Occasionally, I'd open my eyes, but mostly I just silently...

Legendary characters everywhere: Russell Crowe as Robin Hood, Trotsky in Montreal and Juliet in Verona

Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott. Together again, with Robin Hood. Have they got another Gladiator? (Read more)