Jane Eyre, Certified Copy, Sucker Punch, West is West, Curling, Hobo With a Shotgun

She's already played Alice of Wonderland fame. Now Mia Wasikowska shines as Jane Eyre. (read more)

Elisabetta Fantone in feature film

She isn't just a beauty. Or just an actor. This multifaceted artist is also widely recognized for her artwork, which most recently was commissioned by reality stars The Kardashian's.

BEE Vancity Mix for Mar 17-23: Chocolates & Cowboys, Community March Against Racism, Green Cafe & Much More

Get your boots on, march in solidarity and think deep about going green

My first time... buying art

People don’t just become collectors overnight. It has to start with one step. Everyone we’ve ever spoken with always remembers where, when and how they bought their first piece of art.

Stylish VAG fundraiser raises more than $1 million

Last Saturday night, some of Vancouver’s finest dressed in their best to help raise over $1 million for the Vancouver Art Gallery at the BLACK/WHITE Art Auction and gala.

Illuminate Yaletown 2011

Winter party complete with spectacular new media art installations in Yaletown celebrated the 2010 Olympics. Here is a late, but enthusiastic, wrap up of that event.

Murdered victims painted in "The Forgotten" need respect

The way I speak is through my paint brush… How was I going to tell the truth if I painted every single one of those women who went missing and many murdered in a pretty light? …Why now do some people...

When an outsider paints the DTES missing women

Last night I spoke at a National Conference at SFU talking about 'The Forgotten” Project. There was so much hostility in the room by a group of women from the DTES [Downtown Eastside]…These women...

What to do with your little Picasso

Where do you go if you've got a little Picasso or Emily Carr on your hands?

Vancouver, like never before

The wonderful world of Vancouver through the eyes of our Flickr contributors.