Quartango is headed for Vancouver

Quartango - proper noun, 1. Quartet of Canada's finest tango musicians.

England and Mexico out of the World Cup, officiating and history take centre stage

The family is off on holiday so blogging is becoming more challenging... Not to mention that it was hard to write about England's loss to Germany on Sunday. Over the years there have been many...

England-Germany, and Argentina-Mexico preview.

England's View The Three Lions played way better against Slovenia and were deserved of going on to the second round. Fabio Capello made two big changes by putting Jermain Defoe in place of Emile...

South Korea, Uruguay, and Mexico advance

Korean players celebrate after scoring their first goal against Nigeria.

FIFA World Cup: day 12 preview

France's view: France is coming into their decisive game against South Africa in meltdown mode. The French team is a mess. The French President is forced to play peacekeeper between Coach...

Day 7 Review

The first game between Argentina and South Korea was a bit of a disappointment as Argentina disposed of the Korean's rather easily. The Argentinian's kicked the scoring off with a good free kick that...

Fifa World Cup Day 2: Disaster for England

The day started off with an impressive performance from the South Korean team beating Greece 2-0. A Lee Jung Soo goal in the 7th minute off a free kick was a disaster in the Greek backline as Lee Jung

FIFA World Cup Day 2 preview

The Koreans want nothing less than a win in tomorrow's game versus Greece. Korean fans expect them to make it out of Group B easily and a loss against Greece would not help South Korea achieve that...

World Cup Group B Overview

The fantastically talented Argentinian team is led by World Footballer of the year candidate Lionel Messi, and strikers Carlos Tevez of Manchester City and Diego Milito who scored both goals in Inter

Weird around the world

Ninjas, strange creatures, a smoking toddler and more