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Apocalypse dinners begin with most neglected foods

When the world inevitably ends and society crumbles, you are going to need a plan. Part 1 of that plan is strategic looting.

Asteroid apocalypse tomato soup

If you lose sleep wondering what you will ever do for soup after the end of civilization, worry no more. This soup is a nice, basic recipe that pairs well with any cataclysm.

Asteroid apocalypse presents unique culinary challenges

A run-down of 5 Asteroid Apocalypse Culinary Quandaries and suggested recipes and solutions.

Television’s top 5 apocalypse survival lessons

When the time comes, will you be ready? Just in case, here are five apoca-rific survival lessons from our friends on television.

Failed apocalypse cries out for stupidity award

Many concerned citizens went to great lengths in preparation for the Mayan apocalypse of 2012. For the record, it didn’t happen. And while most of us are simply left with an overstocked pantry full...

Beijing wages war against apocalypse "rumors"

Is Beijing working extra hard to prove 'rumors' are a dangerous phenomenon in the People's Republic?

What you need to know about the coming Maya apocalypse

December 21st 2012 may be the end, but of what?

Apocalypse redux: B.C. scientist forecasts end of world in 500 million years, not 2012

Never mind omens of the end-of-time in 2012, says a B.C. earth and ocean scientist: Let's just be nice to our neighbours.

May 21 is here and Armageddon is late again

May 21 has arrived, and much to the dismay of radio preacher, Harold Camping, the world hasn't ended.