Andrew Feldmar

Advocates join Hungarian midwife Agnes Gereb's fight for home births

Prominent Canadians, including psychologist Andrew Feldmar, have spoken against Hungary's persecution of Agnes Gereb, a trailblazing midwife who has been jailed for her work.

Despite death and overdose, therapeutic Ecstasy shows promise

Recent overdoses from the illegal drug Ecstasy have led to warnings from police, but some worry that misconceptions about the drug will stall important research into trauma treatment.

From the Vancouver Observer to Oprah

The Vancouver Observer provides interesting and edgy stories you can't find anywhere else. Even Oprah thinks so.

Acid Free America?

Andrew Feldmar, a well-known Vancouver psychotherapist, rolled up to the Blaine border crossing in the summer of 2006 as he had hundreds of times in his career. At 66, his gray hair, neat beard, and...

When The Colbert Report Did My Dad

Hello. This is Marcel Feldmar with the Feldmar Report on the Colbert Report on Andrew Feldmar. Leaving my home in L.A. for a quick almost rock star jaunt to Vancouver, I arrive at 10 pm. My father...