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Amanda Todd

Amanda Todd killed herself after nude photos of her were posted online

Court approves extradition of suspected cyberbully in Amanda Todd case

An Amsterdam court has approved the extradition of a Dutch man suspected him of a string of crimes against British Columbia teenager Amanda Todd, who took her own life after being bullied online....
Chris Priebe and Karen Olsson of Community Sift

British Columbia tech firm guards virtual worlds from cyberbullies

VANCOUVER — As online communities come under the attack of cyberbullies, racist speech and spam, a British Columbia tech firm has developed technology to keep the trolls under the bridge. Community...

Cyberbullying must be part of B.C. curriculum, teacher development: watchdogs

High-profile suicides of recent years of Canadian teenagers — including Amanda Todd — appeared to be a response to particularly vicious cyberbullying, warns report.

Creating pornography charge dropped for Dutch man linked to Amanda Todd case

VANCOUVER — Dutch prosecutors have dropped a charge of creating child pornography against a man who is also accused of extortion and Internet luring in Canada related to the Amanda Todd case. Aydin...

Surveillance Trojan Horse or Big Brother in disguise?

Last week saw the announcement of dangerous new online spying legislation - supposedly aimed at tackling the serious issue of cyberbullying. According to legal experts, Bill C-13...

Time to rip the mask of anonymity off online trolls

Total freedom, total anonymity and children don't mix in real life. Why should it in the online world?

Koch brothers make me mad

"For billionaires who cannot buy good press, there is the option of buying the press," The New Yorker says.

Canada "world's best country for women" unless you're a rape victim

Rehtaeh Parsons' bullying reveals that many Canadians still have things backwards when it comes to dealing with rape.

Facebook speaks out about Amanda Todd post-mortem bullying

The social media giant tells VO readers how to prevent other acts of bullying.

I was like Amanda Todd

What if we had a webcam? What if we’d even had a digital camera? What would have happened?