Alberta oil pipelines

Keystone XL State Department report ignites protests in 289 American cities

"Just because they can't sell this in their own country doesn't mean we should let them put this pipeline across ours," San Francisco organizer Becky Bond, of CREDO Mobile, said.
Kinder Morgan pipeline spill

"No such thing as a pipeline that doesn't leak," CRED spokesperson says

The pipeline oil leak near Merritt, B.C. comes at a sensitive time for Kinder Morgan, as they seek to expand the TransMountain Pipeline to carry diluted bitumen From Strathcona County, AB to Burnaby...

Pattison Outdoor Advertising's rejection of Greenpeace ad provokes angry backlash

The Pattison billboard company refused to run a Greenpeace ad that read: When there's a huge solar energy spill, it's just called a nice day.