Alan Kurdi

Tima Kurdi with a photo of her drowned nephews Alan and Galib

Kurdi family settles into life in Canada, but still no luck finding a home

Shergo Kurdi lifts his shirt to reveal a pale, mottled patchwork of burn scars on his belly and chest — a legacy, he says, of years spent ironing fabric in a Turkish clothing factory after he and his...

Dead Syrian boy's aunt reflects on family's journey, world's refugee response

Alan Kurdi's death thrust his aunt Tima into the international spotlight as a spokeswoman for the refugees' plight.

Alan Kurdi's aunt hopes her brother Mohammed's family will arrive in Canada soon

Tima Kurdi said her brother Mohammed, his wife and five children have been accepted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada - but her nephew's death still haunts her.

Alan Kurdi's aunt says changes to refugee rules too late to save her nephews

Canadian government officials have invited Tima Kurdi to make another refugee application for one of her brothers and his family.

Tima Kurdi travels to Brussels to call for more help for Syrian refugees

Aunt of little Alan and Galib Kurdi urges Europe not to slam the door on refugees and describes her nephew's death as "message from God," for action.

Canada only country to charge refugees interest on travel loans: advocates

Newcomers fleeing war face thousands of dollars in debt as they struggle to rebuild their lives in a new home, often using food money to repay federal loans.

Big city mayors hold teleconference to discuss plans to aid Syrian refugees

Twenty-one mayors including Gregor Robertson, John Tory, and Naheed Nenshi join forces to help resettle Syrian refugees, as public demands action.

Mayor to join partners at new refugee housing construction project

This is adapated from a news alert by the City of Vancouver. Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson is joining with community partners to inspect construction progress of the new Immigrant Services Society...