Fentanyl laced in heroin deadly to David Smith

Grief and music follow uncle's loss to BC's fentanyl crisis

The late David Smith with his nephew Angus Maude.

For Christmas time: Meryl Streep as a witch, three films about painters, plus war and gambling

Also in the spirit of the season, the “Best of the Year” make a brief return

The Portland Hotel Society gets a stick for extravagant spending

I just couldn’t let this story go by without writing about it again. The long and short of it is that the higher (no pun intended) authorities of the Portland Hotel Society (PHS) and several of their...

Addiction in the family: is someone you love affected by another person's addiction?

You always hear about people with addictions. But, what about their loved ones? For several years, I've been writing and speaking about the roller-coaster chaos they often experience while...

TJ Dawe reaches new heights with "Medicine"

Anybody who is a regular Fringe Festival-goer has probably seen a show by festival legend TJ Dawe. He’s been touring the country’s summer festival circuit for the last 10 years or so. All his shows...

Kicking addiction: allowing discomfort is the secret to successful recovery

Challenging your preconceptions about beating addiction You've given it a lot of thought. You know that your addiction is overwhelming your life and causing you a lot of problems. You really want to...

Jay and Silent Bob return, on stage and on the air

Hitting the Vogue Theatre this Wednesday, "Jay and Silent Bob Get Old" features Jason Mewes in a live, uncensored podcast with Kevin Smith.

Should the music industry have tried to save Amy Winehouse?

As a lost young blues genius is buried, debate rages over whether there are lessons to be learned from her tragic addictions and death.

Amy Winehouse: "No, no, no," to rehab

I’ve seen Amy Winehouse perform on TV several times over the past few years – and I was always amazed at how much her voice reminded me of Janis Joplin’s.  I was a big Janis fan back in the...