2011 Vancouver municipal elections

COPE's Tim Louis, Ellen Woodsworth and RJ Aquino remain positive on election night defeat: photos

2011 Vancouver Municipal Election: COPE's big names get no seats, but remain hopeful about changing the city.

NPA-Take Back Vancouver's cheap-looking product

Vancouver municipal election 2011: Money + vitriol = ________?

Meet Vision Vancouver park board candidate Niki Sharma

2011 Vancouver Civic Election: Sharma is a multi-faceted candidate whose passions range from sustainability to aboriginal issues.

Meet Vision Vancouver park board candidate Sarah Blyth

Vancouver municipal elections 2011: Blyth's priorities are healthy, affordable community spaces and finding a creative way to make things happen in tight financial times.

Trevor Loke: Vision's new kid on the block

Vancouver Municipal Election 2011: Vision's youngest candidate has been involved in politics a lot longer than people might think.

Candidates who totally sort of look like these celebrities

Vancouver municipal election 2011

When voting in the municipal election, mind your ABCs

2011 Vancouver municipal elections: Could being first on the ballot make a difference in Vancouver’s Nov. 19 showdown?

Ex-NPA campaign manager Bob Ransford, former mayors Harcourt and Campbell endorse Robertson

Vancouver Civic Election 2011: High-profile public-affairs specialist says NPA's Anton is reckless and has a poor grasp of economics, so he's switching sides.

Richmond First municipal party's email blunder: Cat bit our tongue

2011 Municipal Election: Perhaps now, partisanship is no secret to the intelligence of Richmond's residents.