2010 Olympics

The world needs more Canada Critical Mass bike ride

  So you’ve visited us. You know all sorts of stuff now about Canada and Vancouver and hockey and the joys of “la-la land”. You also know we love to come together as a community and engage....

"Share the Gold" Campaign Stands to End Homelessness

Ric Matthews of First United Church addresses the crowd. People waiting to begin the stand. The chain forms along both sides of Hastings. The human chain calling for a national housing...

A Cynical Elitist’s Big Olympic Weekend Out

During my big Olympic weekend out, I came across some truly Canadian moments.

A Tour of Tent Village on the Downtown Eastside, Guided By Ivo (age 17)

Ivo takes Christabel Shaler on a tour of the tent village as he discusses his personal perspective on a demonstration to highlight homelessness on the Downtown Eastside.

Stand to End Homelessness Now: “Share the Gold” Campaign

Ric Matthews of First United Church spoke eloquently at the rally for a National Housing Program at the Vancouver Art Gallery this past Sunday. This interview with Ric gives a more detailed look into...

Policing Figure Skaters' Gender

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics might be the first one with a PRIDE House dedicated to “evoking change in homophobia in the sports culture” but last week’s men’s figure skating competition at Pacific...



In Town for the Olympics? Try My List of Medal-Worthy Dishes

For all you visitors out there, I’m hosting my own Olympics and giving out gold, silver and bronze medals for my favourite dishes all over Vancouver. It’s a pretty random assortment that spans all ty

Premier Campbell on the Death of Georgian Athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili

Premier Gordon Campbell issued the following statement on the death of Georgian athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili in Whistler.

At the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics Twenty-Two Years Ago and in Vancouver Today: The Excitement Ran as High Then as it Does Today

Arriving early for my first production meeting in a small room at the Olympic Ceremonies offices in downtown Calgary, I picked a spot at the long table and waited for the high echelon of the...