2010 FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup day 6: Spain shocker,South Africa on the brink and Chile celebrates

Gelson Fernandes scores only his 3rd international goal to send Spain down to defeat. The biggest surprise of the first round. If Spain do not win their next two games they may not qualify for the sec

Where's Vancouver watching the World Cup?

Fans watch their country's teams at coffee shops and pubs around the city. Many English fans are at the 3 Lions Cafe on Broadway. Where are you watching the game?

FIFA World Cup Day 5: the 'group of death' begins with Cote d'Ivoire and Portugal

The highlight of this day is the "group of death" match between Cote d'Ivoire and Portugal that could become one of the highlights of the tournament. Two great teams. Winner likely to advance, loser l

World Cup Day 4 Preview

Samuel Eto'o should lead Cameroon to a third good start for an African team. Will Italy have a slow start against Paraguay?

The World Cup: Questions facing the world's game

As the second day of competition ends its interesting to consider the future of the game. One of soccer's main challenges remains: How can the game maintain or increase the level of entertainment

FIFA World Cup Day 2 preview

The Koreans want nothing less than a win in tomorrow's game versus Greece. Korean fans expect them to make it out of Group B easily and a loss against Greece would not help South Korea achieve that...

World Cup Overview: Australia, Germany, Ghana and Serbia

Germany should win the group...

The World Cup

Meet VO's father and son World Cup soccer coverage team. Fans of England, they'll report direct from Frog and Firkin or Three Lions on the soccer world scene non stop---except when work and school g

Weird around the world

Ninjas, strange creatures, a smoking toddler and more