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An indivisible Quebec and Canada

If the federal NDP expects to form the next government, it needs to clarify its position on Quebec sovereigntyThe clarity act provides some guidance but leaves a lot of loopholes, such as the percentage required for victory. 

Federal NDP policy on this issue is fifty percent plus one.  It seems ridiculous that one vote can break up the country.  This vote alone is within the margin of error of any election process.

Many Canadians, including NDP members, must be against this fifty percent plus one policy as it stands now. 

Nonetheless, I have a new approach to resolve this problem largely to keep the country united and strong and free. 

Article 1 of the French Constitution states that "France shall be an indivisible, secular, democratic and social Republic. It shall ensure the equality of all citizens before the law, without distinction of origin, race or religion. It shall respect all beliefs. It shall be organised on a decentralised basis."
The key point that I would like to highlight is that France is an "indivisible Republic" with "equality of all citizens before the law" and that "it shall respect all beliefs."


Canada should also be "indivisible" because the country's territory belongs to each and every Canadian citizen.
This is a strong affirmation of equality and respect for all Canadians including Quebecers.

This is the only strategy the federal government can use that will treat all Canadians fairly and equally. 

Furthermore, the concept of indivisibility is in keeping with French traditions and customs and should be embraced by the French speaking people of Quebec and Quebecers.  Furthermore, an indivisible Canada also implies an indivisible Quebec. 

The Clarity Act needs to be re-written and the Constitution amended to include the principle of indivisibility for Canada.  It should be illegal to seperate or partition a province for that matter.   

There is a very good chance Premier Jean Charest and the Quebec Liberals will not win the next election.  Who knows if there will be another referendum in Quebec on sovereignty in the near future. 

Canada needs to be prepared and this includes the possibility of a NDP federal government in Ottawa that would be negotiating with a potential separatist government in Quebec City.

As far as I am concerned just because a people form a social and cultural nation, it doesn't mean they have the right to statehood. 
If that were the case, the world would be fragmented into thousands of tiny independent countries and ethnic nationalism and racism would be even more of a problem.
It is better for people to recognize our similarities and live in cooperation with each other. 
Federalism has produced fine examples in counries like Canada and Australia which has some of the highest standards of living in the world. 
Separation or a political divorce would just lead to a lower standard of living for all parties especially in Quebec which benefits from huge transfer payments to support its population.   
There is also no guarantee -- despite some propaganda - that Quebecers would be allowed to use the Canadian dollar, retain Canadian citizenship, hold a Canadian passport, apply for jobs with the federal government, retain preferential trading rights with Canada or the US, or travel and relocate without restrictions in other Canadian provinces. 
In other words, Quebec ironically would be giving up its independence and be less self-sufficient from a practical point of view if it became an independent country. 

Quebec already has sovereignty association within Canada.  It benefits from a highly decentralized working partnership with the federal government.  It even has a seat at various international bodies uch as la francophonie
It is better for Canada and Quebec to be united as one and stay together. 

It is better to put your eggs in many baskets with the help of the federal, provincial, and territorial governments than be left all alone. 

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