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Civic election special interview: Trevor Loke is a young man with vision

Photo sourced from Vision Vancouver website

2011 Vancouver Municipal Election: Vision Vancouver has recruited the charismatic Trevor Loke to run for Parks Board. 

Vision no doubt made a smart move as Trevor is not only the youngest candidate to put his name forward which may help draw the youth vote, but he also has solid environmental credentials as a former MLA candidate for the Green Party of BC and long time volunteer with the SPCA rescuing animals from abandonment. 

In addition, Trevor has sharpened his political acumen by gaining first hand experience working for popular grassroots, independent politicians of the likes of MP Chuck Cadman and MLA Vicki Huntington.  Trevor is currently employed as the Development and Sustainability Officer of the Dr. Peter Centre in Downtown Vancouver.       

Recently, I had the opportunity to fire five questions at this rising young political neophyte.  

Do you feel youth and young adults are apathetic about local politics and politics in general?  Why or Why not?

“Very apathetic. There is a sense of "us" and "them" among young people; often times my friends feel as though they are alienated by a government that doesn't care about their issues or understand who they are. We need young people to be involved to show that we do have a voice and that our issues are just as important as other issues.”


Do you feel there are better ways to engage voters and get them more involved in the political process?  Why is this important?

“At the civic level, participation hovers around 20%.  We can do better.  Diverse issues, ideas, policies; not to mention political candidates that resonate with the different communities is essential in order to reach out to voters and constituencies who otherwise would not be represented.  Participation is important for accountability. The more people that take notice of the political process, the more people can hold our politicians accountable for their actions.”


What are some park board issues you are passionate about and will champion if elected?

“As an athlete I am particularly concerned about accessibility/affordability for youth and young adults to access our public facilities in order to play sports. I'm also an advocate for more arts space, and protecting and expanding our public spaces.”


What are the major reasons you decided to run for park board?  Do you have ambitions for higher elected office?  Why or Why not?

“I got involved for a few reasons. The first was being in direct contact with the park board through my hockey team and learning about the work that commissioners do.  It appealed to my skill set. I also believe that we need a young representative who can bring a fresh perspective and a fresh voice.  I spoke with people about running and was encouraged to do so.  For instance, when I was nominated it really affirmed my belief that young people can achieve what they set out to do.  In terms of higher office, I am simply not sure. I focus on issues at every level of government, but in terms of where I am at in my own life right now I know that my interest and skills are based directly in what the park board deals with.  I will have my work cut out for me if I am elected and I will want to make sure that the projects I champion are complete before thinking about any other elected office.”

What assets, skills, and qualifications do you think you can bring to the park board especially as the youngest candidate in the election? 

 “The first thing I bring forward is a new perspective and a desire to reach out to those who haven't felt included or been alienated. I will be a strong advocate for people by being proactive in communicating with constituents, working to resolve problems, and taking pride in my interaction with the residents of Vancouver.”


After talking to Trevor, my impression is that he has a great deal of integrity, compassion, and a concern for the greater good.  Hopefully, politics won't fizzle that rare quality in him. 

The Vision Vancouver website states that Trevor is passionate about making arenas, playing fields, and other public spaces accessible to everyone in Vancouver. Trevor is a goaltender with the legendary Cutting Edges Hockey Club, playing at public arenas around Vancouver; he also sits on their Board of Directors.  Impressed with the work of Vision Vancouver, Trevor sought and won nomination to the Park Board slate on a platform to protect public spaces, engage citizens and be part of making Vancouver the greenest city in the world by 2020.


Contact Information


General voting day for the City of Vancouver elections is November 19, 2011. 

For further information on Trevor Loke please check out:

Twitter: @trevorloke

Email: [email protected]

Website:  Vision Vancouver

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