Sending some fabulous Q-KARMA into the universe

A new Facebook  group is buzzing with excitement. With close to 50 requests to join on its first day and currently topping 225 members, Q-KARMA is bound to spread some good energy, vibes, and "queer karma" your way.


Q-KARMA is evolving but is currently an information and event sharing list serv for queer and queer friendly charities, non-profits, and queer people and their allies. It is not a commercial site.


In keeping with the groups philosophy please feel free to post messages that give off positive energy, vibes, and good karma into the universe. Almost any message can be composed to give off good karma with a little bit of practice.

If you do good deeds and have good intentions then you can expect good things will happen to you and your organization and you will most likely be rewarded with good karma.

Intercultural is defined as "back and forth between cultures -- meaning all cultures."

Q-KARMA Vision

* Information sharing
* Cross-promotion of events
* Building intercultural community, unity, solidarity, and collective good will
* Helping to support the development of new and existing queer organizations
* Delivering anti-discrimination workshops in the community
* Sponsoring inter-group activities and events
* Supporting official community partners with access to diverse new communities


Q-KARMA hopes to fill Vancouver with good karma and wish nothing but success for all queer activities and events in the city!


Q-KARMA has already started building intercultural unity and solidarity in the city.


Since its founding in August 2011, Q-KARMA has attracted nine fabulous official community partners including Sher Vancouver, Our City of Colours, Miscellaneous Productions, The Vancouver Men’s Chorus, The Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Friends for Life, Health Initiative for Men, QMUNITY, and Q Hall of Fame. 


People of all backgrounds, colours, and races are welcome in Q-KARMA.


Q-KARMA hopes to expand to include other queer and queer friendly organizations in the city. If your group is interested to join please contact Alex at [email protected] 


Sending best wishes and good karma your way.

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