Spirituality: is there an afterlife?

Is there an afterlife? I feel the millions of people, from all walks of life, who have claimed to have near death experiences provide strong evidence that an afterlife exists.

Near death experiences have received limited explanations and legitimacy from the medical and science establishment. This phenomenon falls in the realm of the mysterious, unknown, and unpredictable.

Researchers cannot calculate, measure, or observe a near death experience. Does this mean that such an experience does not exist? Of course not! Just because medicine and science is unable to explain the full scope of the human condition, with the current tools available to them, it does not mean there is no life after death.

Many people who have claimed to have near death experiences share common themes. These include an out-of-body experience, a presence of a light, the feeling of moving through a tunnel, and being in the presence of ancestors, family, and friends.

One thing which is not generally disputed is that the person was near death or clinically dead and came back to life.

A better understanding of spirituality and spiritual experiences, including near death experiences, would have profound implications for society. Political leaders would think twice before assassinating, bombing, or attacking the citizens of other countries and starting prolonged wars. There would be a spiritual incentive for each and every citizen of the world to be held accountable for their actions because they may be judged by a higher power.

The role that destiny, fate, and individual liberty play in our day-to-day lives would be hot topics of debate and discussion. Is there a grand design? Are we part of a larger life system just like the millions of cells we are made up of make up the human body?

I do not feel our physical body is everything.  I feel our body just turns to ash but our spirit lives forever or re-unites with the Creator.  

Many people have been cultured, educated, and socialized to externalize the experience of God. This can serve to limit their personal relationship with God. It makes it more difficult for people to take control of their lives because they have to depend on others to find the gifts that God will bring to all that embrace the spirit within.

I feel there is a circular connection that starts with spirituality and leads to love, happiness, good deeds, and finally peace on Earth. One thing is connected to another.

Why do you think support groups for persons addicted to alcohol and drugs are so popular? The participants must surrender to a higher power to begin the process of healing.

Inner peace and peace on Earth is the end goal. As part of the process people will find a balance in their life, find their true direction, and be closer to achieving their goals.

People will be happier and give off positive energy and positive vibes which will draw more friends and more opportunities their way. Most importantly, happy, loving people do not make life miserable for others. They make life a better place for their neighbours and lift humanity into another dimension of caring, sharing, and collective good will.

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