Discussions about God: free will or fate and destiny?

Are our actions, decisions, and thoughts determined by free will or fate and destiny?  Maybe they are determined by both God's will and our own. 
The relationship between God and free will and fate and destiny is a fascinating topic.  Many people believe that God is within everyone and all living things and everywhere in the universe.  If this is the case, then fate and destiny playing an active role in our lives is certainly possible.  If God is within you, then God knows of everything.  It is not farfetched to think that God may help guide you from time to time by influencing your decisions.   Who really knows how thoughts are entered into your mind?  Who puts them there?

My friend who happens to be a devoted Christian states that the book of life has already been written.  We do not know what happens.  We are simply characters playing out a role somewhere in the book in some chapter.  One day we may all discover the answers but it is up to God to determine when the grand design will be on display for all to see.

Fate and destiny does make some sense.  It seems plausible that God or the Creator would create something for a reason.  Perhaps we are all working toward some greater cause or purpose for the greater good of not only humanity but the entire cosmos?

Many people do not buy the notion of fate and destiny.  They feel logic, science, and reason can explain everything.  I am still waiting for science to explain the life after death phenomena which has been documented and experienced by millions all over the world. 
A classic argument against the notion of fate and destiny is why is their evil?  Only God can answer this question.  Perhaps, what is bad for one person may lead to a chain of events that is good for another person or group of people?  

We do not know what is in the best long terms interests of all of creation.  This is because we are not privy to the grand design or are we all blinded by our lack of faith in our increasingly spiritually void society.  If we were more in touch with all of creation including nature and our spiritual self’s we might find the answers to the big questions of our existence and purpose in life.

Many people share the belief that God has give us the ability to make choices.  This argument is not fully explanatory for all the choices people make and the circumstances and consequences they find themselves in.  Does a baby choose to be born with HIV?  Maybe, the baby’s parents got infected and passed the virus onto their child.  Is this a choice or fate and destiny?

One thing that is interesting is if it was revealed that we are in fact all characters in a book, then we are essentially God’s robots doing God’s duty on Earth whether we are aware of it or not.  To think that we are not consciously aware or connected to this spiritual interference in our life is something to ponder.

All I can say, no matter how far humanity progresses, we are still pawns in the eyes of God and all of creation.  The universe as we know it extends forever indefinitely from one galaxy to another.  It would be a surprising turn of events if there is no greater being, greater than us, behind all this magnificent and majestic creation whether God is here among us, helping to guide us or not. 

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