Tips for college and university success from a career student

Congratulations, you have been accepted into college and university. Consider yourself blessed that you have this opportunity to get educated and develop your knowledge base and social skills. 

One of your goals should be to enjoy the academic experience and reach your life and career goals whether its getting a job or getting accepted into popular professional schools such as engineering or law. But most importantly, follow your dreams and your passion.  If you are good at anything, you will be a success, and everything will fall into place.

Here is some further advice to novice students from a career “mature” student who is working on his second Masters degree.

  • Start off with no more than three courses per semester.  If you do well and can handle the courseload, increase to four the next semester and a maximum of five thereafter.  You should remember there is no rush to complete your education and the economy sucks anyways so you might as well stay in school and upgrade your qualifications while the rest of the population competes for the few and far between jobs.
  • Do not leave your assignments to the last minute.  Plan out your study schedule for the whole semester as soon as you get your course outlines.  Always try to hand in assignments one day before the due date to be safe rather than sorry like if your internet connection breaks down.
  • If you struggle with certain academic subjects like English or Statistics, then hire a tutor if your rich or find a study buddy from your classes if your on a limited budget.  This is a great way to get to know new people.
  • Get involved in campus activities.  Join your favourite club.  The friendships you make may last a lifetime and they provide excellent experience to put on a resume and develop references. 


  • Take care of your emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health.  School can be stressful, and having a health and wellness plan will leave you feeling refreshed.  If your university has a pool, I highly recommend swimming as it’s a great exercise and stress reliever and a naturally social sport.  I have engaged in conversations with so many people at the pool that I would never have met otherwise.  Just ask before you add them to Facebook.
  • Develop positive relationships with your professors.  They will be so important for any jobs, scholarships, professional programs, or guidance you need help with in the future.


Last, college and university is one of the best places to date.  Get involved in campus life and have the courage to approach your dreamy prince or princess.  You will find no other place again with so many young, beautiful, single people gathered on a daily basis, so take advantage of this window of time in your life.

Happy studying! 

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