I wish to offer a suggestion for solving the Israeli-Palestinian dispute.

Israel and Palestine can both become sovereign states within a new federal union. This union can be called the “Abraham Union.”

This political framework is similar to how Britain and France are sovereign states within the European Union. The Abraham Union can be open to other countries of the Middle East as it grows and becomes established.

Jerusalem can become the capital of both Israel and Palestine.

Jerusalem will in essence become a national capital territory similar to Canberra in Australia.

A federal constitution and charter of rights and freedoms, similar to the laws in Canada, can spell out the responsibilities and jurisdiction that the governments of Israel and Palestine divide with the new federal parliament in Jerusalem.

The Abraham Union will be responsible for the best interests of both Israel and Palestine. This will help bring about lasting peace and prosperity in the region. It is no accident that members of the European Union have not gone to war since they formed an economic and political union.

The benefits to Israel and a new sovereign Palestine are numerous.

Everything from increased tourism and trade to diplomacy based on mutual respect and recognition will finally bring peace, security, opportunity and healing to this war-torn area.

More important, the Abraham Union might bring secularism, democracy, human rights and an independent judiciary to the nations of North Africa and the Middle East. This is a true Arab Spring, where fairness and equality prevail.


Alex Sangha