After 11 years of bringing you local reporting, the team behind the Vancouver Observer has moved on to Canada's National Observer. You can follow Vancouver culture reporting over there from now on. Thank you for all your support over the years!

Suburban Pundit

A lesson in Sikh philosophy

Sikh philosophy can help you find answers to many of the questions of our existence and purpose in life.

The New Punjab

Why making Punjab a state within a state would mean great things for India's future.

Job creation ideas for Prime Minister Harper and Premier Clark

Stephen Harper and Christy Clark, take note: here are 14 simple ideas for job creation that will get the province moving again.

Government employees to work less and from home?

Two simple ideas unions can bring to the table

Men who have sex with men outside of marriage

To cheat or not to cheat?

A lifetime of prisoner responsibility

Finally some real financial support for the victims of crime

The Modern Thinker

Partial cover image of The Modern Thinker: Timeless Ideas, Inspiration, and Hope for the 21 st Century

How to increase mental health and wellness in society

It's time for enhanced MSP coverage aimed at the whole person.

The Aboriginal crisis on our reserves: time for a land swap

Time for the federal government to get a fresh start with First Nations.
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