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Revenge of the Fake Mailbag

Every week, we answer a bunch of questions we wrote ourselves.

Not bad eh?                                                                                                        ~S. Crosby, Pittsburgh, Penn.

Nolan: Two goals, two assists last night. Amazing. Bold prediction: Crosby will take over the NHL scoring lead in mid-January, and end up winning the Hart and Art Ross trophies. I don’t think people realize how great Crosby is. My favourite stat? He ranks fifth all time in PPG at 1.39 behind Wayne Grezky, Mario Lemieux, Mike Bossy and Bobby Orr. It used to be Crosby vs. Ovechkin, now it’s Crosby vs. everyone else

Shane: Agreed. And now, no one is ever going to touch him again. Would you want to be known as the guy who knocked Sidney Crosby out of the NHL forever? This is big for the NHL. You know why? During Monday Night Football they broke to Sportscentre for an update and the lead story was Crosby’s return. I just hope that on December first, he shaves his pube-stache.

Nolan: The NHL has done nothing to capitalize on the NBA lockout thus far, hopefully Crosby changes things.

Not bad, eh?                                                                                                       ~T Lulay, Vancouver, BC

Shane: Lions in the Grey Cup? I’m on the bandwagon.

Nolan: Me too. But I’m more excited for the parties. Like this one:

Grey Cup yacht party.

Post Grey Cup on a yacht? Yes please.

Dudes, check out the halftime show at the Grey Cup this weekend, it’s gonna be epic …                                                                                          ~C. Kroeger, Vancouver, BC

Shane: I never thought I’d say this, but I wish the Black Eyed Peas were playing the halftime show at the Grey Cup ... again. I was on the fence about whether or not to go to the Grey Cup, but this seals it.

A friend once asked why I (and everyone else on this planet) loathe Nickelback. And it’s not because they write terrible music, it’s because every song they write is a top 40 hit with a chorus basic enough to chant and a guitar hook that can’t escape your head. But this is the only song they can write. One song. Over an entire career. Over, and over and over. Don’t believe me?? Check this out ...

Nickelback medley

Fact. Sealed. Done. Moving on. Anything to add Nolan?

Nolan: I’m going to take a controversial stance here, I kinda like them.

Shane: Really?

Nolan: No, they’re terrible. My whole life, I’ve only ever met one Nickelback fan. Somebody is buying the cd’s, and I want to know who.

Who ate all the Triscuits?                                                                              ~Shane's mom, North Vancouver, BC

Shane: (sighs).

Tiga Tiga Woods ya’ll!                                                                                      ~T. Woods, Melbourne, Australiia

Nolan: Okay, maybe we were a little harsh last week. Solid performance in the President’s Cup. Looks like your putter is back.

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