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Big changes at the Team 1040

It all began so innocently...

One fine summer morning, I hear Paul Chapman and Jason Botchford are the new morning show with Scotty “the body” Rintoul at the TEAM 1040. The Province Sports team of “Botch and Chappy” makes sense -- push some morning opinions on the radio and hopefully some newspaper sales in the process. Botch is colourful and opinionated, Chappy is logical and fair, and Scooter Rintoul does the same thing he did with previous co-hosts Barry MacDonald and Ray Ferraro (by attempting to just stay out of their way).

The TEAM radio’s new morning show was just taking shape -- then the game of musical chairs begins when David Pratt suddenly disappears from Vancouver airwaves. Love or hate Pratt, the guy became an institution for afternoon sports radio in Vancouver.

Dave Pratt was well known for engaging in quite the wide set of verbal jousting matches. Among the individuals Pratt targeted and turned into his enemies:

  • the current mayor of Vancouver and his bike lanes
  • every General Manager the Canucks have every had
  • some of their wives
  • both of his former co-hosts on the Team 1040
  • most members of the Canadian sports media who have met him
  • the de-funk CHORUS sports-radio station, which Pratt kicked many, many times after its death.


My only regret in this whole mess is that David Pratt did not get a final farewell show on the TEAM 1040. THAT would have made for entertaining radio. Any over/unders on when Dave Pratt replaces Neil McRae at CKNW? I’ve got 4 months, and I’ll take the under.

Barry MacDonald (and his fantastic Tony Gallagher impression) move from the 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. slot to replace David Pratt with his old “SportsPage” buddy Don Taylor. The two former SportsPage hosts seem to have a decent chemistry with one another, MacDonald’s departure for the afternoon show leaves a void for former Globe and Mail columnist Matt Sekeres at the 10 to 2 spot.

Blake Price will now serve as the sacrificial lamb to Sekeres’ daily rants and verbal bombardments, and cover the lunch-time end of the TEAM’s new line up of shows. We won’t find out what type of chemistry Price and Sekeres have until November 21, when their show will premiere on Vancouver airwaves. Until then, I will have to imagine how many seconds will elapse between Sekeres’ sigh of disapproval, and the verbal barrage that will inevitably bury Blake Price every morning and afternoon, for the rest of this hockey season.

Every hour of radio on the TEAM has one old face and one new face. Except for the Kurtenblog and KB radio, returning for their second season at the 10 p.m. to midnight slot. Bringing their irreverent brand of comedy and fan interaction (while not taking any callers on their radio show) to Vancouver fans.... for less than two weeks.

And then they’re both gone. Mike Halford and Jason Brough have been swept up by the good ol’ US of A and NBC, where they are free to tweet and cover hockey for PHT (or Pro-Hockey Talk for the less abbreviated-ly inclined). While I doubt that NBC has any idea what type of talent they have in the old KB team, I’m hoping their genius and comedy will nonetheless shine though -- except for the KB’s overuse of Simpsons’ quotes -- which might be misinterpreted by NBC loyalists (maybe Brough and Halford should brush up on their 30 Rock and Seinfeld material to ensure a bright future with the peacock).

It’s a new season on and off the ice for the Canucks -- Mike Gillis will no longer pause for eight seconds before engaging in his lawyer-like cross analysis of David Pratt’s line of questioning. Not only have we lost the internet branded comedy stylings of the Kurtenblog, we have lost the classic Jack Benny-esque deadpan responses that Gillis and Pratt brought to Vancouver radio.

I guess it’s up to Don Taylor and Barry MacDonald to ask all the stupid questions that have always left GM Mike Gillis so verbally mystified in the past.

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