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Vancouver sports reporter fantasy draft: part one

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Nolan: Cabral Richards “Cabbie on the Street” (The Score – national personality)

Shane: How did Shorty drop to the third round?? STEAL. Okay. In this pool, he is butter. While Taylor might get the night-time highlight quips, Shorthouse announces for the Canucks. Shorthouse is a solid 1st liner whose dry wit might be just the potion against Taylor’s humour in the television category. Plus, Shorthouse is so good, I often forget who the other guy was before him... Jeff Robson, or something?

Nolan: It was between Gerry Dee and Cabbie. I love Cabbie, though Dee’s sense of humour is drier than a ... then... uhh, than my clothes after they’ve been laundered. Had to go with a little youth here to balance my aging lineup.

Analysis: Does Cabral Richard still works for The Score? Shorthouse drops to round 3? WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! Shane would like everyone to note that he does remember that Jermain Robertson was name the Canucks play-by-play man with Trent Larsheid when he was a young chap listening on the radio... to the best of his recollection.


Shane: David Pratt (unsigned – radio)

Nolan: The Moj (Team 1040 – radio)

Shane: Yes, he is unsigned. But I took Pratt for two reasons. Number one, if Pratt and his bombastic attitudes return to the air-waves in Vancouver. Well -- this pool is over. He will take a run at Gillis or his Canucks every week he’s on the air, and lock up the championship for me as a result. The second reason... I’ll have to think about that one

Nolan: The Dave Pratt selection reminds me of hockey pools before the salary cap era. Remember when there would be 3-4 unsigned guys heading into the last week of the preseason. And someone would take a flyer on one of the high end guys way too early. Then he’s sign like a day later and the guy who drafted him would immediately become the pool favourite.

Pratt has no current fantasy value, but I assume, if he signs at some point during the season, a Pratt rant will be the equivalent of a 200 yard rushing, 3 TD performance, in our yet to be determined fantasy points system.

I went for diet Dave Pratt instead.

Shane: I wanted Moj! He was my sleeper. Uh oh, looking weak on the radio side, thank god Sekeres doubles in that position. If he ever chooses to actually show up to host his own show...

Analysis: *snicker* diet Dave Pratt? Awesome Nolan. Pratt looked to be a sleeper pick, but Shane chooses to make him a center piece of his team despite being unsigned. Shane looks to be in deep water with most of Vancouver radio locked up by Nolan. But if Pratt signs -- he might be even more fiery than he was previously. High risk/reward pick by Shane.


Shane: Paul Chapman (The Province – radio) (later traded to team Nolan: see below)

Nolan: ohh, I forgot about Chapman. I’ll trade you the Moj for Chapman, plus a swap of picks.

Shane: I need the Moj for radio. Deal.

Analysis: Both GMs address team needs with this trade. How will this deal pan out with the next selections?

Nolan: Tony Gallagher (The Province – writer)

Nolan: This was my Teemu Selanne pick. I’m hoping to get another couple of 80 points seasons out of a legend. Also, Paul Chapman is the man!

Shane: You nabbed G-Man and Chappy? Kinda jealous now. Good pick-ups. I regret dealing that pick and Chapman for Moj.

Analysis: Nolan gets Chapman and Gallagher while Shane gets Moj onto his roster. Nolan was very weak on the print side. Solid pickups with both Gallagher and the Chapman to solidify that aspect of his team. This round easily goes to Nolan.

Stay tuned for the second half of the draft tomorrow.

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