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Vancouver sports reporter fantasy draft: part one

Hockey pool drafts are finished. Football pool drafts are finished. No NBA pool this year (okay, we’ve never really done an NBA pool, but still... it’s nice to have the option) and eight weeks in to the NFL season our Bodog accounts are measured in cents.

Time to spice up the winter gambling season with a Vancouver sports reporter draft.

The format:

2 writers

2 radio personalities

2 TV personalities

1 National personality

1 American personality

1 Utility

Some writers are TV hosts, some TV hosts are on the radio, so, for the purposes of the pool, upon picking, their speciality must be decided by the picker. Also, this is a keeper pool.

Scoring system:

We will each nominate one of our players for each category. Debate. Winner takes the points.

Awesome or Hilarious tweet of week -- 1 point

Awesome or Hilarious television call/segment -- 2 points

Awesome or Hilarious radio observation --

Controversial stance/heated segment with pro athlete or management -- 3 points

Great take on sports topic of the week - 3 points

Great written article of the week – 3 points

*scoring system a work in progress.

After an intense, 3 minute rock, paper, scissors battle, where Shane actually came back from a 2-0 deficit to win the best of five 3-2 (good old rock, nothing beats rock!) Shane holds the No. 1 overall pick.

Of note, the draft was completed at 2am in a Denny’s. Just sayin.


Shane: Jason Botchford (Vancouver Province – writer)

Nolan: Don Taylor (Sportsnet – TV)

Shane: Botch is el fuego. He is the new personality on the morning show of the TEAM 1040, but his writing at The Province has been nothing short of exceptional over the past couple of years. He’s the new Tony Gallagher for VanCity. Solid young superstar, and certain to get better each season. Great tweeter too. I see big points from him this year.

Nolan: You mean ‘En fuego”? you aren’t cool enough to pull that phrase off. Don Taylor is the Aaron Rodgers of the Vancouver fantasy. Class act, everybody loves him. Always makes a solid argument. He won’t win any controversy points, but he’s stable. I expect big points for every original, witty remark on Connected, “With is left Khabi, or maybe it was his right Bulin”.

Analysis: Shane thinks Nolan will see no tweet points from Taylor, and Botch is like a free point every week in that category. Taylor is a solid point contributor for his SportsNet gig on TV.


Shane: Matt Sekeras (Globe and Mail – utility)

Nolan: Barry Macdonald (Team 1040 – Radio)

Shane: No better utility guy than Sekeres. As the west-coast sports reporter for the Globe and Mail, he’s got that local guy/national guy twin bill going on. If Taylor wins no controversial points for you. Sekeres not only wins a controversial argument, he makes you feel like a child for taking the other point of view. Great writer, great on the radio, great on TV. Staple of any solid media organization.

Nolan: Damn, I really wanted Sekeras. I thought about taking him with my no. 1 overall selection, but had to go Don Taylor. Sekeras is my kind of writer. He’s smart and all his arguments are well thought out. Again, no points in the loudmouth category. My pick: Bmac. Yes, I loved Sports Page.

Analysis: B-Mac’s new 2-6 gig at the team with Taylor makes for a solid pick in the radio category, and Nolan has locked-up the TEAM 1040 afternoon team. Could be a very wise move. Shane would also like to mention that he loved Sports Page too, which brings us too his next pick...


Shane: John Shorthouse (Sportsnet – TV)

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