Special Report: Tar Sands Reporting Project

Athabasca tar sands, photographed by Andrew S. Wright
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Our award-winning team's crowd-funded series on the people, places and conflicts associated with Canada's tar sands.

Haisla First Nation Chief Councillor says Enbridge trying to buy Kitimat vote

This late in the day, a poll of its residents has no binding effect on the project. Next week, the District of Kitimat will seek the views of its residents on Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline...
Tantoo Cardinal with the Wall of Women opposed to Kinder Morgan pipeline expansi

Dances with Wolves actor joins "Wall of Women" opposed to Kinder Morgan Expansion

Kinder Morgan now has to get past a "Wall of Women" in addition to other obstacles to realize its pipeline expansion plans.

Kitimat hunters fear a future Enbridge oil spill ‘wiping out’ wild game

A northern hunter was surprised to learn just how close a potential oil pipeline breach would impact his family personally, after seeing new Enbridge route map
Dr John O'Connor speaks to US Senators about Tar Sands health impacts and cancer

Alberta doctor tells U.S.: Canada is ‘lying’ about tar sands’ health effects

An Alberta doctor tells U.S. Senators that the oil sands pollution is behind a huge spike in cancer rates -- that is 400 times the normal rate in one community.

Political support growing to refine Alberta's oil, not export it

NDP, Greens and a national union all backing increased refineries for Alberta's bitumen
CBC's Rex Murphy

Rex Murphy's pro-oil sands speech prompts CBC to review journalistic rules

Famous Newfoundlander under pressure to reveal if he receives oilsands speaking fees, and to reveal this each time he goes on air regarding the oil sands.

Presentation suggests intimate relationship between Postmedia and oil industry

"Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Postmedia 2013 Energy Channel Sponsorship": this was the title of a Prezi presentation. The presentation came to light on twitter today, on the same...

Climate cover up, collusion and conflict of interest alleged in Keystone XL report release

Keystone XL State Department report controversy: "The best environmental report that money could buy."
Labrecque family still seeking answers about oil sands's health impact

Broken trust: Alberta family without answers about oil sands' health impact

When an Alberta mom met with an ear-throat-and-nose specialist in Grande Prairie about oil-sands emissions pollution, his advice stunned her.
Alain Labrecque says his family has suffered from nearby oil field emisssions

Oil field fumes so painful, Alberta families forced to move

Severe headaches, dizziness, rashes and loss of memory: all symptoms reported to a new hearing examining health effects of Alberta's rapidly expanding heavy oil industry.